Women and Wealth Management:
A Seat at the Table

By Enterprise Wealth Management

You've got the power.

As women, we are part of a growing group who create, control, and influence an enormous amount of wealth around the globe. Today, more than ever, you have a vital role in the decision-making process about your family's wealth and finances, whether single or as a couple.

Women are a powerful economic force. We are responsible for 83% of all consumer purchases, hold 89% of U.S. bank accounts and 51% of all personal wealth, and are worth more than $5 trillion in consumer spending power.1 We are, increasingly, business owners, senior business leaders, and managers. We are also more likely than our male counterparts to be primary caregivers, face significant retirement income gaps, outlive our spouses and be financially unprepared to do so.

What's most surprising is 78% of women said they did not know much about retirement investing.
- Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies

Look at the alarming statistics:

  • 80% of American women will find themselves as the sole managers of their personal finances. However most of those women feel financially insecure, despite controlling more wealth, having more education and being more involved in financial decisions.
  • Women's careers are more likely than men's to be interrupted by family needs, both childcare and elder care, limiting the opportunity for income growth.
  • Two-thirds of women over age 65 rely on Social Security as their primary source of income. Consequently, women are twice as likely as men to live out their golden years at or below poverty levels.
  • 43% of women expect to work past age 70 or do not plan to retire.
  • Only 8% of women are very confident they will be able to fully retire with a comfortable lifestyle, while 21% are not at all confident (only 11% of women in their 20s are very confident).
  • Only 35% of women use a professional financial advisor.

Source: 14th Annual Transamerica Retirement Survey of Workers (2014)

As women, we have unique and diverse wealth planning needs. You may be facing or are currently experiencing a major life event such as the death of a spouse, a divorce, retirement, or caring for an aging family member that will have a profound impact on your future wealth.

You need someone who will listen to your needs and your concerns and in terms you understand and tackle the many questions we all ask ourselves. How (and when) do I talk to my children about money? Am I protecting my family's future? When will I be able to retire?

At Enterprise Wealth Management, we meet you where you are because we're there, too. The majority of our team members are women, with the experience and expertise to address the unique wealth planning needs of women, as well as the next generation.

We are here to help you respond to and prepare for potential life events and roles. We help you start that family conversation about money.

Whether you've never had a conversation about wealth management or are an experienced investor, you have a seat at the table at Enterprise Wealth Management. Let us help you get to where you want to be.

1 Influence: How Women's Soaring Economic Power Will Transform Our World for the Better. Maddy Dychtwald (Hachette Books, 2010)