Why Enterprise Bank?

Enterprise Bank always has been and always will be a community bank, measuring our success not by transactions, but by our relationships with our customers, the communities and lives we influence, and the dreams we help fulfill.

As our name suggests, Enterprise Bank is dedicated to the advancement of the "entrepreneurial spirit." We believe that a strong, local, community bank provides vital support to the many non-profit organizations and charities that are so important to the quality of life in our communities.

Proven Track Record of Profitability

We work hard every day to make financially sound decisions and we remain consistently stable and profitable for the community that relies on us. As a result, we have achieved over 26 consecutive years of profitability, while always staying true to our core values integrity, community, excellence, teamwork and professionalism as well as our pride and pursuit of excellence, our long-term focus, and our deep sense of mission and purpose.

Trusted Advisors

Our customers turn to us as trusted advisors, knowing we will act in their best interest and work hard to exceed their expectations every day. We continuously invest in technology and product innovation to make banking more convenient, more secure, and easier to use, improving your overall banking experience.

Deep Sense of Purpose

From the beginning, we made the promise to make a positive difference in lives of the individuals, the businesses, and the communities we serve. We have a passion to operate with a deep sense of purpose and to create change.

We understand that our investments help to fuel the local economy, create jobs, and support the vibrancy of the neighborhoods and communities where we live and work. It is our mission and the reason we are here, and we take our responsibility to serve you very much to heart.

We measure our success not by transactions, but by the relationships with our customers.