Our Approach

There is no single, cookie-cutter approach to managing wealth. A young entrepreneur looks at wealth differently than a business owner preparing to retire. A mission-driven non-profit will approach investments differently than a corporation. The next generation will have different goals, ambitions and lifestyles than the generation before. Women are taking a more active role in managing their wealth and need to be recognized.

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Regardless of where you are in your life, we meet you where you are with solutions tailored to your needs, advisors who work in your best interest, and access to the most experienced investment managers.

Your Whole Financial Health

The first step is sitting down and getting to know where you are now and where you want to be. What is important to you? What are your goals? How can your wealth get you there? Far beyond investments, wealth management is protecting your whole financial life. You need a team to work with you to customize solutions to meet your unique needs, balancing your goals with a clear assessment of risk. We bring to the table the insight, tools and services to help get you where you want to be, from estate planning and retirement plans to trusts and tax shelters.

Flexible and Nimble

Managing your wealth, whether personal or business, is a long-term journey. Because it is constantly flowing and changing, we must be flexible and nimble, anticipating and advising you on what you need to be thinking about at each phase of your life.

We believe in rigorous investment discipline, regardless of the economic winds, favoring prudent investing for long-term performance. We continually monitor the strategic allocation of your assets and adjust to changes in your life and lifestyle, capitalizing on new opportunities and challenges. We stay one step ahead, anticipating questions and solutions before you think of them.


"Our advisors are disciplined and smart, but operate with heart and compassion, never losing sight of your values and priorities."

Stephen J. Irish, CFP®, CPA
Managing Director, Enterprise Wealth Management
Chief Operating Officer, Enterprise Bank


Same Side of the Table

You take an active role in managing your own finances. We sit on the same side of the table with you, helping you navigate the complex realities of finance and break them down for you, whether you are new to wealth management or are an experienced investor. We understand that wealth management goes beyond the individual. We're here to include and educate family members on wise budgeting, business succession, values and investing. We provide detailed reports to business and non-profit boards as often as needed, keeping everyone on the same page.

Meeting You Where You Are

We have redefined excellence in personal service. If you're a client of Enterprise Wealth Management, you have the cell phone number of your advisor, who is easily accessible day or night. If meeting at the gym at 6 a.m. is the time and place most convenient to you, that's where we'll be.

Transparency, Accountability and Trust

We know what our clients expect of us and we deliver: Transparency. Authenticity. Integrity. Trust. As investment and trust advisors, our compensation model is completely transparent and based on fees, not on commissions. There are no hidden fees. None.

As a bank, we are built on a charter of trust and held to a higher level of fiduciary responsibility to put our clients' interests before ours. We communicate with you one-on-one and explain your progress and the risks, from economic downturns and inflation to taxes and legal liabilities, so you will never be caught by surprise. We have the courage to give it to you straight and tell you when your goals aren't realistic.

Our asset allocation strategy and portfolio construction are continuously reviewed by our investment committee. You always have access to your portfolio through our online client portal, where you can easily track and analyze your performance. Our cutting-edge technology makes it fast, simple and secure to protect your assets, privacy and security.

We operate under strict regulatory oversight; every action is monitored by our portfolio managers, relationship managers, and investment committee. Additionally, our practices meet the highest fiduciary standards, and are continuously monitored by our Board of Directors, as well as state and federal regulatory agencies.

Global Investment Capabilities at a Local Level

The best opportunity for world-class investment management is to use world-class managers. That's why Enterprise Wealth Management taps into the resources of the world's leading asset researchers, including Northern Trust, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse. Armed with this wealth of information, our team can deliver comprehensive solutions to navigate even the most difficult market environments.

Open Architecture

Our investment philosophy includes an open architecture approach to investing your funds, adapting to your needs, rather than forcing you to adopt the limitations of the financial institution. For clients who prefer a more customized approach, we also offer a tailored investment strategy, which includes our Large Cap Core Equity Portfolio, a proprietary blend of value and growth stocks. This tailored portfolio provides you direct ownership in some of America's largest companies.

Your core investments may be supplemented with an array of alternative investments, individual stocks, bonds, and/or other fixed-income assets to craft a well-rounded portfolio tailored to your ultimate objectives. Daily reviews and continuous monitoring help us assess your portfolio's progress and make adjustments as needed.

Open Architecture Manager of Managers Approach: We separately manage over 14,000 mutual funds, selecting the most opportunities for return, quality, longevity, and risk.

Large Cap Core Equity Portfolio: Individually managed large cap core equity portfolio.

Additional Offerings: Including private equity, managed futures, hedge funds, individual bond portfolios, and other non-traditional asset classes.

We have redefined excellence in personal service.